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  We approached St. Thomas' Lupus Trust in 2015 with the concept of 'Strings for Lupus' to auction strings that had been donated by some of the worlds most famous guitarists.

We would like to thank Ray Russell, Anthony Jackson, Alan D. Boyd, David Mindel, Chris Dair, Jonny Buckland, Colleen Lloy, Mark Knopfler, Chris Difford, Keith Richards and Tony Visconti for their generous support in raising over £2,000 across two auctions.

Our sincere thanks also go to Sir Paul McCartney, Brian May, Mark King, Graham Coxon, Lucy Shaw, Paul Rogers, Steve Hackett, Andy Fairweather Low, Fred Fairbrass, Nels Cline, Mike Stern, Martin Taylor MBE, Henry Kaiser, Ian Anderson, Brian May, John Parr and Phil Hillbourne for their support and donation of strings which sadly were not created into bracelets for the charity.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and anything we consider to fall short of our expectations or is detrimental to A&D Guitar String Bracelets is considered unacceptable
. Without the wonderful help and support from Sally Jane and Ray Russell, none of the above would have been achieved and we are now actively looking for another charity to carry on the 'Strings for' concept.
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